Why Hire the Thompson Law Offices, LLC to Prepare Your Will in Columbus, Ohio

Many know that preparing for the afterlife is a deeply spiritual and contemplative task. Fewer, however, understand that it is also a legal undertaking as well. Taking carer of those we leave behind appears morbid to some but, in fact, it is the ethical and reasonable thing to do. There are countless horror stories survivors can tell about the resulting problems when a loved one dies without a will. So, preparing a will is the loving thing to do and wise, too, when we care about the appropriate disposition of our estates. Residents of Columbus and south central Ohio can rest assured when they retain the Thompson Law Offices, LLC for will preparation.

Purpose of a Will

Why is a will so important? For one thing, it accurately expresses the intentions of the deceased. Without such a document, a person dies intestate and the worldly property is then subject exclusively to state laws and officials by default. Of course, laws apply to the provisions of wills as well but courts are obliged to honor the directives of the deceased within the legal framework. Personal assets named in a will are distributed according to the decedent's directives unless a prior claim covers them, e.g. spousal rights, creditor rights, taxing authorities. Competent and experienced estate attorneys recognize those possessions that fall under the super-ceding claims of public and private interests versus those that are the prerogative of the individual who passed on. Sometimes, what people intend is at variance with what the law allows.

Elements of a Will

For a will to fulfill its purpose, it should be structured correctly and follow a baseline for its content. The will must, for example, name a testator -- the person creating the will in the event of death. In Ohio, the testator must execute the document in the presence of at least two witnesses. In terms of content, the will must clearly assert the intentions of the decedent. In addition, this document will identify the beneficiaries, i.e. those receiving the property or portions of it. Importantly, the will names the executor who is responsible to carry out the document's provisions. For a will to be effective and survive any potential legal challenges, it must present these elements is clear and precise language. To this end, seasoned estate lawyers know the prose to meet the moment.

Thompson Law Offices, LLC

The field of trusts and estate planning is a complex one, demanding careful examination and legal craftsmanship if an estate plan is to successful. Otherwise, clients can find themselves bogged down in court proceedings for years. The Thompson Law Offices, LLC understands that these and related matters require the most sensitive and expeditious treatment without sacrificing thoroughness and precision. The lawyers at this firm are well-versed in durable powers of attorney, pour-over wills and revocable living trusts, among other services. Reach out to us for a consultation at no charge.