Why call Nobile & Thompson if you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Columbus, Ohio and are concerned about your student loans not being discharged?

Bankruptcy is a common occurrence in the United States as a whole and in the State of Ohio. As of June 2016, American businesses and individuals had filed more than 208,000 bankruptcy petitions. In the State of Ohio more than 10,000 cases alone have been filed, according to statistics from the United States Courts. You are certainly not alone if you are thinking about filing a bankruptcy.  You’ve probably heard that your student loans would not be discharged in a bankruptcy. The following are four reasons that you need to contact Nobile & Thompson if you feel that way:

  1. Fifteen Years of Sound Service

When you choose an attorney for any reason, you always want to hire one that has experience. The attorneys at Nobile & Thompson have more than 15 years of experience taking care of people who have bankruptcy issues. They are aggressive and dedicated professionals who will do their best to help you out of the financial situation you are in. Many things get better with time. Their expertise is one of those things.

  1. Quick Results

Many debtors walk through the doors at Nobile & Thompson after having experienced harassment and threats from impatient creditors. You will be happy to know that this law firm has the means at their disposal to stop the creditor harassment.  Their firm includes some of the industry’s best attorneys who used to work on the creditor side of the fence and know all the ins and outs of collection and bankruptcy law.  That makes a difference having someone on your side who knows what your creditors are planning and can protect your interests when they attempt to collect against you.